Index of Moscow Enterpreneur 

"Index of Moscow Enterpreneur"

"Index of Moscow Enterpreneur" is a brief (64 pages) multifunctional directory for business people, published three times a year, in Russian, 30 000 copies. 

Published from 1994.



Information about Your Firm published in the "Moscow Entrepreneur's Index" will enable you to augment your clientele.

The "Index" presents up-to-date information on a wide range of services necessary for conducting business in Russia.


Seven arguments in favor of the Index

Prices for advertisements in one issue

In the Main Text:
Information (up to 7 lines) 2 700
Each additional line 300
Singling out a line 300
Trade mark 800
1/12 page  (6x4) сm. 4 000
1/6 page (6x8) сm. 6 500
1/4 page (6x12) сm. 8 500
1/3 page (13x8) сm. 11 000
1/2 page (13x12) сm. 15 500
Full page 25 000
On the Cover
1st page 14.8x10 сm lower square 44 000
2nd page each square centimeter 200
3rd page each square centimeter 150
4th page 1/2 page 30 000

The advertisements on the 2nd and 3rd pages of the cover must be no smaller than 50 square centimeters.

In the Subject Index
Each  square centimeter 150
Discounts on paying for several issues at once:

For publication in 2 issues — 15%, in 4 issues — 33% on the condition of lump payment.